Lunch for One

As a woman living alone, meals and food in general are bit of a challenge. Cooking for one requires a lot more planning than you’d think; recipes have to be altered, shopping has to be done in smaller, more frequent quantities (to prevent food from going bad before I have a chance to eat it), and having no one else to think about feeding often means meals get less attention and are therefore not as healthy as they should be. But I’m on a mission to change that! I know there are easy and healthy one-person meals out there and I’m slowly discovering them (stayed tuned for recipes in the future!).

Today was a “two birds, one stone” kind of day. What happens when the chicken you’ve thawed for dinner is more than you will eat, but not enough to save for another meal? It’s simple: grill it. I’ve found that grilled chicken saves much more nicely in theĀ refrigerator than breaded or baked, and tastes great cold, which is perfect for a packed lunch to take to work. Add some lettuce and a few of your favorite salad toppings and voila! Much better than a PB&J or spending $10 at a restaurant. Plus it’s so much fun to use these handy little containers I bought at HomeGoods!

LunchtimeWant more ideas for packing more interesting lunches? Check out this and this.
What did you have for lunch today?

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